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Managing Director - Jonathan

What's Your Exit Strategy?

Building your business to sell not only enhances its value and market appeal but also improves operations, boosts team performance, and creates a business that others will want.
Whether you are planning to sell your business or simply improve it, developing an exit strategy is a powerful approach. 
With over 40 years of experience in business management, Jonathan provides expert guidance in crafting effective exit strategies. He understands that a well-planned exit strategy should always be a part of your business plan, ensuring long-term success and readiness for any future transitions.
Let Jonathan help you maximise your business potential and create a roadmap for a successful exit, whenever that time comes.
Adrienna and Jonathan

If you want to create a business that works for you, you need to implement the 7 Key Strategies that will increase its value, operations, team performance and give you options.

Giving You Options

Every Business Owner starts as an Entrepreneur. Many quickly become Technicians (working ‘in' rather than ‘on' their business). We can help you to build a business that will work for you to give you the options to:

Keep and enjoy

Pass onto a family member

Give you a passive income

Grow and Replicate


Management buy out


There is no one-size-fits-all business exit strategy. Ultimately, the exit strategy that’s right for you and your business depends on a number of different factors and may develop as you progress through the lifecycle of your business.
Whether you are planning to sell / exit your business or just improve it, building your business to sell is a powerful business strategy. Not only does this increase the value of your business and market appeal, it will improve its operations, team performance and create a business others will want.
A planned exit is also preferable to one that is forced on you by circumstances. This ensures the smoothest possible transition whilst releasing maximum value for your business.

We suggest giving yourself a 3-5 year time frame to get your business ready to sell or pass onto family. It is important to work with a trusted partner throughout this process, in order to make the right decisions and cover all basis such as:

  1. Merger and acquisition exit strategy (M&A deals)
  2. Selling your stake to a partner or investor
  3. Family succession
  4. Initial Public Offering (IPO) 

Working together, we’ll help you with the following: 

  • A Business, HR and Marketing plan with clear direction and a forward-thinking to appeal to buyers. Being able to hand over the ‘roadmap’ for further success is highly valuable. 
  • Reviewing your cash flow forecast over the next 3 years.
  • The transition period agreed to support the buyer before you exit the business.
  • Building a team that works without you.
  • Retention of current clients and creating marketing activity to gain new ones.

If you are thinking about selling or exiting your business, or are interested in increasing its value, we can guide you through your options to help you to make right business exit strategy to suit you. Learn more with a free, no-obligation chat with us by contacting us here.

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