One Force Strategy® - Combining HR and Marketing

One Force Strategy® – Combining HR and Marketing

We are excited and proud to have received registered trademark status with our ‘One Force Strategy®’.

This powerful strategy is what saw us in the finals of the global competition ‘Entrepreneur X-Factor’ and is transforming the way the world does business, by combining both HR and Marketing to…

✅ Establish your business as a market leader

✅ Understand and reach your target audience

✅ Build and nurture a winning team

✅ Develop customer loyalty

✅ Plug your leaky bucket and generate revenue

? ‘Customers are loyal to a brand and they will become loyal to you when you combine your HR & Marketing into a ‘One Force Strategy®’. It helps to grow your profits, customer satisfaction, team motivation and adds to the fun in your business. So when spending money on Marketing, first check that your team can deliver on your brand promise, so your customers become loyal to you and tell others how good your services are. By focusing on both your HR & Marketing into a ‘One Force Strategy®’ your marketing will change from a cost to a profitable return on investment.’ – Jonathan Keable, Managing Director Business Strategy Group

? In order to fulfil your customer promises and effectively build a reputable brand via Marketing, your team may need additional training and the correct HR and daily operation processes in place that they are incentivised to follow. That’s where we come in ?

? 67% of best-in-class companies combine their marketing and HR. Are YOU one of them? Book your initial chat with us today here.