Why You Need to Keep Marketing Even if You're Busy

Why You Need to Keep Marketing Even if You’re Busy

don’t need Marketing… I am too busy as it is!’. This is a common mindset within business. We know that it’s often tempting when you’re busy to pull back, or even stop your marketing activity altogether. As busy as you may be now, this may not always be the case

Whilst business may be booming in the short term, having a solid marketing plan in place will ensure that you’ll remain busy in the long run too. Unlike a tap, marketing isn’t something that can be turned ‘on’ and ‘off’; it takes time, effort and direction to enjoy consistent results. So if you think you’re too busy to market your business, think again. 

When demand for your product or service lessens – perhaps due to seasonal trends or other external factors – you want to be confident that your business will remain in a competitive position.

A smart marketing strategy supports your business growth, especially if you have plans for expansion. Some key ways to keep focus on your marketing activity when you are busy include:

Focus on ongoing lead generation 

Cultivating leads and new customers, even throughout the busy times, means that you have the option and freedom to choose which customers to focus on (i.e. customers with the best ROI) when business starts to slow down. 

Focus on building your business

Don’t let your busy workload keep you from growing your business. Now is a great time to expand in terms of staff and resources, as long as you have the time and ability to provide the necessary training. 

Keep your marketing consistent

There are many studies that show it takes several “touches” before a consumer feels that they can trust a business enough to purchase their product or service. If you stop promoting your business, you may miss out on potential customers right before they were ready to make a commitment, and lose out to your competition. Even if you are not ready to take on more workload currently, keeping in touch with a pipeline of interested and ready-to-buy customers will keep your business from hitting a ‘drought’. 

Don’t forget customer testimonials!

A busy period is a fantastic opportunity to increase the number of customer reviews and testimonials for your business. As each project comes to an end, ensure you have a process in place to gather customer feedback. Customer feedback is essential for measuring customer satisfaction among your current customers, giving you clear ideas of how to improve your product and/or service. Positive customer feedback is also essential in encouraging and influencing new customers to work with you. Did you know that 91% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase? 

When you have a busy schedule, you still need to keep the momentum going. Working with a marketing agency is a great way to keep marketing your business while you focus on running other areas of your business. We’re here to help! For your initial no-obligation chat with us, call 01752 220 377.